Food is the indispensable thing for people to exist.
Among them, the Japanese cuisine attaches importance to the idea of medical origin,
inherited so far.
The evolution of the world today is very fast,
and Japanese cuisine has also followed the pace of the times to achieve a diversity of changes.
[SUNwithAQUA / 东京和食]
a variety of ways of cooking to show the Japanese food culture.
With the support of everyone, it has been 10 years.
We will continue to enjoy the Japanese food culture in the future,
We will take the [new] as the theme,
constantly study and beyond.

We thank you for choosing our restaurant in so many restaurants today!
Please enjoy the Japanese cuisine in SUN style.
Have a nice meal!

Japan’s Ministry of agriculture, forestry and Fisheries
Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador
General Manager & Executive chief
Junichi Honda